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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Now, in the SMU MBA assignment blog you will get 2nd assignment of MB 0028. In the 1st assignment total questions were 6 which have been finished now. Each book contains 6 questions for the assignment in SMU MBA. From my point of view 1st question and 2nd questions of the MBA assignment were most important. Below is 1st question from the assignment-2 of MB 0028 (Production and operations Management).

Question.1. Explain how material flow information helps in work center decision. Consider the example of a shopping center to illustrate your answer.

Answer: The decision which involves during uses of material flow information has below-

A work center is a production facility comprising of one or more machines and one or more workmen considered as a single unit for purposes of estimation of capacity. This unit may have a single operation or a number of them conducted on the input items. In the pipeline of production, each work center’s contribution is vital as materials are scheduled, routed and loads to be sent to it.

In most organization, they are even considered as cash centers. Location trust means relative position of different centers so as to minimize the movement of materials, meet technological sequences, to reduce congestion, maximize throughput, improve part tracking ability and avoid repetitive movements. In addition another consideration is to provide for expansion of production.

Each work center receives information along with material that enter it the material also leaves the word center with information. The route sheet contains information about the material, process, quantities, and inspection procedures. Etc. the drawings or instructions tell the condition of the malarial of entry and the required condition at exit.

In this sense every operation consists of material transformation occurring on the basis of information. Activities conducted are on the basis of information that flows with material. Different locations have to accommodate the constraints of the basis of darning maximums benefit of the information that is available. Basically, each location is determined on the basis of from and to: where does it receive material goes. Some centers have to close as a matter of necessity, some need not to be and some need to be as for away as possible.

This aspect has been given a rating scale in terms of alphabets as under:

Absolutely necessary to be close
Essential to be close
Ordinary closeness
Ordinary closeness
Unimportant that they are close or not
Not desirable that the centers are close

It can be seen that this is only a guide for Indian location as the work centers as there will many competing factors that have to be accommodated.

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