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Thursday, November 24, 2011

It is the solved assignment of “Explain the different micro-environmental forces with examples.” The assignment is solved for SMU MBA of MB0046 (Marketing Management). You can read other solved assignments also - Measures to Improve Employee Morale and Wage and Salary Administration Policies in India.

Marketing department let alone cannot satisfy all the needs of customer. Therefore it is essential to integrate the functions of suppliers, publics, company departments and intermediaries in creating the value to the customer. These forces are known as organization’s micro environment.

Microenvironment: The forces which are very close to company and have impact on value creation and customer service.

Forces in the micro-environment:

Forces in the micro-environment

The Company:

Remember in the previous unit we discussed about the strategic and marketing planning. Deducing a strategic plan in to specific marketing plan require coordination of other functions like finance, Human resource, production, and research and development.


Marketing intermediaries: The firms which distribute and sell the goods of the company to consumer.

Marketing intermediaries plays an important role in the distribution, selling and promoting the goods and services.


These are microenvironment groups, which helps company to generate the financial resources, creating the image, examining the companies’ policy and developing the attitude towards the product.


A company should monitor its immediate competitor. The product should be positioned differently and able to provide better services.


Suppliers are the first link in the entire supply chain of the company. Hence any problems or cost escalation in the stage will have direct effect on the company. Many companies adopted supplier relation management system to manage them well.


A company may sell their products directly to the customer or use marketing intermediaries to reach them. Direct or indirect marketing depends on what type of marketing company serves. Generally we can divide the markets into five categories.

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