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Thursday, January 22, 2009

I think we all have submitted our MBA assignment however I am publishing the assignment for those students who are participating in 2nd semester this year. The assignment will lead them to prepare their examination also. The assignment has been written by me for the purpose of 2nd semester examination.

Question.6 - What are the steps involves in SCM implementation?

Answer- There is many steps which involved in SCM implementation are- Business Process, sales and marketing. Logistics, costing, demand planning, trade- off analysis, environmental requirement, process stability, integrated supply, supplier management, product design, suppiers, customers, material specifications, etc.

Some important aspect of SCM-

The level of competition existing in the market and the impact of competitive forces on the product development.

Designing and working on a strategic logic for better growth through value invention.
Working out new value curve in the product development along with necessary break point.

Using it to analyses markets and the economies in product design. Tine, customer, quality of product and the concept of survival of fittest.

Steps of SCM principals:

Group customer by need: Effective SCM groups, customer by tietinct service meeds those particular segment.

Customize the logistics networks: In designing their logistics network, companies need to focus on the service requirement and profit potential of the customer segments identified.

Listen to signals of market demand and plan accordingly- sales and operations planners must monitor the entire supply chain to detect early warning signals of changing customer demand and needs.

Differentiate the product closer to the customer-companies today no longer can afford to stock pile inventory to compensate for possible forecasting errors, instead, they need to postpone product differentiation in the manufacturing. Process closer to actual customer demand.

Strategically manage the source of supply-by working closely with their key suppliers to reduce the overall casts of owning materials and services; SCM maximizes profit margins both for themselves, and their supplies.

Develop a supply chain wide technology strategy- as one of the cornerstones of successful SCM information technology must be able to support multiple levels of decision making.

Adopt channel spanning performance measures- Excellent supply performance measurement systems do more than just monitor internal functions. They apply performance criteria that embrace bathe service and financial metrics, including as such as each accounts true profitability.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Hi to all! I am going to publish question 5 which is the from MB 0028 assignment. I have already published question 4 in my previous post. I think it will also help you in the understanding of SCM in MBA.

Question 5. Explain the necessity and objectives a SCM?

Answer. SCM is the abbreviation of supply chain Management. It is considered by many express worldwide as the ultimate solution towards efficient enterprise management.

Now, we explain the necessity and objectives of SCM-

SCM is required by and enterprise as a tow to enhance management effectiveness with a following organizational objective:

Reduction of inventory

Enactment in functional effectiveness of existing systems like ERP, Accounting. Software and Documentation like financial reports statements ISO 9000 Documents etc.

Enhancement of participation level and empowerment level

Effective integration of multiple systems like ERP, communication systems, documentation system and secure, Design R&D systems etc.

Better utilization of resources- men, material, equipment and money.

Optimization of money flow cycle within the organization as well as to and from external agencies.

Enhancement of value of products, operations and services and consequently, enhancements of profitability.

Enhancement of satisfaction level of customer and clients, supporting institutions, statutory control agencies, supporting institutions, statutory control agencies, suppliers and vendors, employees and executives.

Enhancement of flexibility in the organization to help in easy implementation of schemes involving modernization, expansion and divestment, merges and acquisitions.

Enhancement of coverage and accuracy of management information systems.
With the objectives of SCM its implementation are required. Implementation is in the form of various functional blocks of an organization interpenetrated through which a smooth flow of the product development is possible.

A relatively new SCM option involves web based software with a browser interface. Several electronic marketplaces for buying and selling goods and materials.

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