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Thursday, March 3, 2011

You have to solve the question – “What are the different methods under Buffered Input Stream and Buffered Output Stream? Explain the uses of random access file over sequential access file?” This is the solved assignment Sikkim Manipal University (SMU) MBA Assignment MI0032. There are some more assignments also from Java and Web Design (MI0032) such as Various Rules for Naming a Variable in Java and Loop in Java Script.

The fileInputStream and FileOutputStream Classes:

These streams are classified as mode streams as they read and write data from disk files. The classes associated with these streams have constructors that allow you to specify the path of the file to which they are connected. The FileInputStream class allows you to read input from a file in the form of a stream. The FileOutputStream class allows you to write output to a file stream.


FileInputStream Inputfile = new FileInputStream (“Employee.dat”);

FileOutputStream outputfile = new FileOutputStream (“binus.dat”);

The BufferedlnputStream and BufferedOutputStream Classes:

The BufferedInputStream class creates and maintains a buffer for an input stream. This class is used to increase the efficiency of input operations. This is done by reading data from the stream one byte at a time. The BufferedOutputStream class creates and maintains a buffer for the output stream. Both the classes represent filter streams.

The DataInputStream and DataOutputStream Classes:

The DataInputStream and DataOutputStream Classes:

The DataInputStream and DataOutputStream classes are filter streams that allow the reading and writing of Java primitive data types.

The DataInputStream class provides the capability to read primitive data types from an input stream. It implements the methods presents in the DataInput interface.

The DataInputStream class provides methods that are complementary to the methods of DataInputStream classes. It keeps track of the number of bytes written to the output stream.

The question is specified to deal Buffered Input Stream and Buffered Output Stream in Java Script. This is the most important question for MI0032.

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