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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The assignment is also from the Production and operations Management MBA book (MB 0028). It is for 2nd semester also. The chapter has great importance from examination point of view also like material flow chapter which has been already mentioned previously.

Question.2. what are the reasons for failure of a project? Give suitable examples.

Answer: Before knowing the reasons of failure we have to know about project.
Project is a set of activities which are networked in order and aimed towards achieving goal of a project.

Now, the reasons are project failure:

Incidence of Project failure
Projects being initiated of random at all levels
Project objective not in line with business objective
Project management not observed
Project manager with no prior experience in the related project
Non- dedicated team
Lack of complete support from clients

Factors contributing to project success not emphasized:

Project objective in alignment with business objective
Working within the framework of project management methodology
Effective scoping planning, estimation, execution, controls and reviews, project bottlenecks
Communication and managing expectations effectively with clients, team merits and stake holders
Prior expectance of PM in a similar project

Overview of information and communication Technologies (ICT) project:

Involve information and communication technologies such as the word wide web, e-mail, fiber-optics satellites
Enable societies to produce, access, adapt and apply information in greater amount, more rapidly and at reduce casts
Offer enormous opportunities for enhancing business and economic viability
Common problems encountered during projects
No prioritization of project activity from an organizational position
One or more of the stages in the project mishandled
Less qualified non-dedicated manpower
Absence of smooth flow of communication between the involved parties

These basic reasons lead a project to failures. In the project failures business management and project management is directly involved. From the management point of view it is basic things to care above topics to success of a project. Project is the core business of a company. In the MBA assignment its role has been defined from the management prospective.

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