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Monday, November 9, 2009

“Positioning Strategies Adopted by Edible Oil Companies” is another assignment question of SMU MBA assignments for MB0030. It is in the continuation of business portfolio of a beverage company using BCG matrix and Process and Bases of Automobile Market Segmentation.

Each firm needs to develop a distinctive positioning for its market offering. Positioning is the act of designing the company’s offering and image to occupy a distinctive place in the target market’s mid. Each company must decide how much deference to promote to its target customers. Many marketers advocate promoting only one central benefit and rosser reeves called it is “a unique selling proposition” some of the USP’s includes “best quality”. “best service”, “Lowest price”, “best value” “safest”, “more advanced technology” etc. If a company hammers a way at one of these positioning and delivers on it, it will probably be best known and recalled for this strengths.

Not everyone agrees that single – benefit positioning is always best. Double – benefit positioning may be necessary if two or more firms claim to be best on the same attribute. There are even cases of successful triple – benefit positing.

As the companies increase the number of claims for their brand, they risk disbelief and a loss of clear positioning. In general, a company must avoid four major positioning errors.

a. Under positioning: Some companies discover that buyers have only a vague idea of the brand. The brand is seen as just another entry in a crowded marketplace.

b. Over Positioning: Buyers many have too narrow image of the brand.

c. Confused positioning: Buyers might have a confused image of the brand resulting from the company’s making too many claims or changing the brand’s positioning too frequently.

d. Doubtful positioning: Buyers may find it hard to believe the brand claims in view of the product’s features, price or manufacturer.

Positioning maps:

Two dimensional graphs of how a product, brand or company is perceived versus competition.

Before identifying the positioning strategies for the product, marketer prepares its perceptual maps. These maps are drawn an important buying dimensions of consumer for company products as well as competitor products.


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