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Sunday, November 7, 2010

It is the solved assignment of MBA MB0036 question – “Intellectual Property Rights have increased prices. Intellectual Property Rights have the effect of encouraging investment in research, resulting in new products and in reducing costs. Discuss these two apparently contradictory statements.” It is the series of Sikkim Manipal University MBA assignment of MB0036 for Strategic Management & Business Policy - Credit Card system and advantage to each participant in the system and decision support system and example of critical reporting.

There are many patents that have never been successfully transformed into new products in the marketplace – what goes wrong in these cases? In some cases, it’s because the technology was not practically feasible, or was superseded by newer technologies. In other cases, the inventor lacked the resources or skills to take the invention to the next step.

One constant factor in the development of new technologies has been the cost and difficulty of the process of putting new technologies on the market. The technical merit or scientific brilliance of an invention is only one aspect of actually bringing a new technology to the public in a useful practical form.

Intellectual property protection needs to be properly managed so that it facilitates this process, and doesn’t itself become a burden.

The problems of getting worthwhile benefits from the patent system – even for the patent owner – are not new ones, as the quotation from 120 years ago makes clear: Patenting was unnecessarily and unwisely expensive, and the poor patentee was left almost without any aid or guidance. Intellectual property rights recognize innovative and creative activities, and are intended to reward useful and valuable contribution to society.

A patent can be expensive to obtain, especially if it is applied for in many countries, and costs money to keep in force, as annual renewal fees are required in many countries. In addition, patents can be very expensive to enforce if it becomes necessary to go to court to prevent infringement. Patents recognize inventiveness, but they are neutral on the commercial value of the invention. Many patented inventions will prove to be technologically unsuccessful, or commercially unviable.

In short, obtaining registered intellectual property rights or IP rights can be expensive, and do not in themselves make you any returns for your investment. Patents can be costly liabilities to you, your business or your research institute, unless you can find a way to apply your invention commercially or can get other forms of financial support.


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