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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Take the solved assignment – “Describe the current issues in globalization” for SMU MBA MB0037 assignment. The assignment question is the part of International Business Management MBA MB0037 in sequence of “understanding of regional economic integration” and “How has WTO Benefited Economies?

Globalization is not just a recent phenomenon. Some analysts have argued that the world economy was just as globalized 100 years ago as it is today. But today commerce and financial services are far more developed and deeply integrated than they were at that time.

The most striking aspect of this has been the integration of financial markets made possible by modern electronic communication.

The 20th century saw unparalleled economic growth, with global per capita GDP increasing almost five-fold. But this growth was not steady – the strongest expansion came during the second half of the century, a period of rapid trade expansion accompanied by trade – and typically somewhat later financial – liberalization.

This was a major factor in the devastation of this period, when per capita income growth fell to less than 1% during 1913-1950. For the rest of the century, even though population grew at an unprecedented pace, per capita income growth was over 2%, the fastest pace of all coming during the post – World War boom in the industrial countries.

The story of the 20th century was of remarkable average income growth, but it is also quite obvious that the progress was not evenly dispersed. The gaps between rich and poor countries and rich and poor people within countries have grown.

The richest quarter of the world’s population saw its per capita GDP increase nearly six-fold during the century, while the poorest quarter experienced less than a three-fold increase. Income inequality has clearly increased. But, as noted below, per capita GDP does not tell the whole story as current issues in globalization.


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