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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Write the solved assignment of – “‘A world wide standardization is a major issue in the wake of globalization’ Discuss.” for SMU MBA MB0037. The solved assignment question is in the sequence of “Will Culture be eroded in the Wake of Globalization?” and “Are Crises the Essential Feature of Globalization?

In the software industry, “simultaneous worldwide release” has become a mantra to keep increasingly internet-enabled consumers buying. In the recreational products industry, companies want a “global brand” and position, regardless of local eccentricities. Instituting a consistent, dependable localization methodology is a sure-fire way to maintain high global standards for product introductions and continued high levies of product service.

Whether outsourcing, vending, or managing the process internally, leading companies are consolidating their previously disparate localization activities into one coordinated process with a senior management sponsor. They are reaping paybacks in lower costs, higher velocity, and sustainable quality.

Successful global companies have recognized the need for localized product user interfaces. They know that the days are gone when Americans heavy manufactured exports only needed their “on-off” switch translated into different languages. With software and semiconductors permeating everything from PCs to refrigerators to automobiles, companies must adopt more pervasive product localization programs than ever before.

For instance, a 1998 sports utility vehicle has more computing power than the original PC. As a result, dashboard displays, controls brochures and the traditional glove box material all constitute part of the “user interface”. The challenge for automotive manufacturers is to break the localization activities for each of these parts away from their production or functional operating groups, and centralize localization in order to achieve consistent terminology and an even “look and feel” for the product.

Overall globalization strategy should include a repeatable globalization methodology, independent of target language that becomes part-and-parcel of the product release cycle. The main benefit to this approach is cost control.


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