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Thursday, December 11, 2008

I have already mentioned in my introduction of MBA blog that the blog will tell you only about the assignment of MBA of SMU. In the first question we have already published two posts that contain 2 questions. Both questions are related to Production and Operation Management book of MB 0028.

Here I am going to publish my 3rd questions of 2nd semester assignment of Production and Operation Management.

Question 3. Who are the players in a project management? What are the various roles and responsibilities of the players in a project management?

Answer. At first we will discuss about project management then we will discuss about players in project management. Project management is the practice of controlling the use of resources, such as cost, time manpower, hardware and software involved in a project. That starts with a problem statement and end with delivery of a complete product.

Here we will see the participants of project management:

In the project management players individual and organizations both are involved-

That is actively involved in the project whose interests may be affected by the outcome of the project.

Exert influence over the project and its results players or also called “stake holders’’ of the project
Project manager- the individual responsible for managing the project.

Customer- the individual or organization that will use the product- the end result of the project.

Performing organization- the enterprise whose employees are mast directly involved in doing the work of the project.

Sponsors- the individual or group within or external to the performing organization that funds the project.

Now, we will define the role and responsibilities of project management. Here are some roles and responsibilities:

There are number of projects which an organization works on. It is not possible for one individual to manage all the projects.

There is a team of mangers who manage the projects.

There may be different teams working an different projects.

An experienced project manager and this team may manage more than one project at a time.

The project team is responsible for ensuring that the project upon completion shall deliver the gain in the business for which it is intended for.

-the project team has to properly co-ordinate with each other working on different aspects of the project.

-the team members are responsible for the completion of the project as per the plans of the project.

Characteristics of project mindset: - some of the characteristics of project mindset are the following –

Time - it is possible to improve the pace of the project by reducing the time frame of the process. The mindset is normally to work in a comfort made by stretching the time limits.

Responsiveness – it refers to quickness of response of an individual. The vibrancy and livens of an individual or an organization are proportional to its capability of evolving process and structure for superior responsiveness time constant.

Information sharing – information is owner information is the matter key to today’s business. Information sharing is the characteristic of the project mindset today.

Process – project mindset lays emphasis on flexible process. The major difference in a process and a system is in its capabilities of providing flexibility to different situational encounters. Flexible process possesses greater capabilities of adaptability.

Structured planning – structure planning based a project management life cycle enables one to easily and conveniently work according to the plan.


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