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Friday, May 1, 2009

In the previous posts we have already dealt about various phases in project management for those students who are preparing the MBA assignments of MB0028. Now, to proceed with that chapter we are going to publish one more assignment questions which will deal about principle of SCM. Below is the question:

Question.4. What are the seven principles of SCM?

Answer: Seven principles of SCM are:

Group customer by needs- Effective SCM groups, customer by distinct service needs, regardless of industry and then tailors services to this particular segment.

Customize the logistic network- In designing their logistics network; companies need to focus on the service requirement and profit of the customer segments identified.

Listen to signals of market demand and plan accordingly- Sales and operations planners must monitor the entire supply chain to detect early warning signals of changing customer demand and needs. This demand driven approach leads to more consistent forecast and optimal resource allocation.

Differentiate the product closer to the customer- companies today no longer can afford to stock pile inventory to compensate for possible forecasting errors. Instead, they need to postpone product differentiation in the manufacturing process closer to actual consumer demand. This strategy allows the supply chain to respond quickly and cost effectively to change in customer needs.

Strategically manage the sources of supply- by working closely with their key suppliers to reduce the overall costs of owning materials and services; SCM maximizes profit margins both for themselves and their suppliers.

Develop a supply chain wide technology strategy- as one of the cornerstones of successful SCM information technology must be able to support multiple levels of decision making. It also should afford a clear view and ability to measure the flow of products, services and information.

Adopt channel spanning chain performance measures- Excellent supply chain performance measurement system do more than just monitor internal functions. They apply performance criteria to every link in the supply chain-criteria that embrace both service and financial metrics.


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