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Saturday, October 29, 2011

There is the solved assignment of “Suggest few measures to improve employee morale.” The assignment is solved for SMU MBA of MB0043 (Human Resource Management). You can read other assignments also - individual evaluation methods of performance appraisal and wage and salary administration policies in India.

There are a number of measures which can be used to control the warning signals of low morale. The following are the positive measures to be taken to bring job satisfaction to the employees and reconcile individual interests with the interests of the organization.

  1. Creation of whole jobs
  2. Job enrichment
  3. Building responsibility into a job
  4. Modifying the work environment
  5. Flexing working hours
  6. Job sharing
  7. Rotation of jobs
  8. Profit sharing

Morale can also be improved by adapting several other measures such as employee contest, special recognition and awards to long service employees, film shows to employees during their lunch hour, free coffee during rest pauses, and training the supervisors in how to handle people.

Under this method, complete jobs are assigned to the workers. The complexity of a job should be increased so that it may appeal to their higher needs.

Job enrichment tries to deal with dissatisfaction by increasing job depth. Under this, individual employees may be given responsibility for setting their own work pace, for concerning their own errors, and/or for deciding on the best way to perform a particular task.

Flex time permits employees to arrange their work hours to suit their personal needs and life-styles. This is particularly suited to situations with fluctuating workloads. Flex time employees are responsible for co-coordinating their factions with other employees and thereby have more responsibility and autonomy.

Morale can be improved by effective profit-sharing schemes. In addition to its economic aspects, profit-sharing has also psychological aspects relating to friendly move by the management in providing the workers an opportunity to participate in the profits.


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