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Monday, January 11, 2010

This question is, “State the principle of Deming’s philosophy relevant to Project Management. Explain how each one is applicable in Management?” This is an assignment question of SMU MBA MB0033.

We can consider the five steps –DMAIS – as generic for any system of a journey towards excellence – it is highly relevant in project management for the simple reason that all the steps give out in detail the steps to be taken and that they will ensure readiness for the next. Verification of implementation is possible with checklists which can be prepared and used by employees at all levels. The team members can be given training to follow them. We will consider them one by one.

Define: This step requires that what is sought to be achieved is identified in all its detail. The step requires that what is going to make:

a) Benchmark –The standards achieved by the best in the industry. Our product is set to meet them

b) Customer Requirement

c) Process Flow Map – Activities that take place to result in the product at the end of them.

d) Quality function deployment – This tool compares the quality characteristics in our product with those is our competitors’ and their relative importance to the customer. To achieve them, we find the technical specifications we have to incorporate in our product.

e) Project management plan – This includes the materials, men, activities, schedules, milestones etc.

f) Measure – Measuring the outcomes of the activities.

g) Data collection – Data about the work that is done and compare as to how it corresponds with that is required

h) Defect metrics – The deviations that are in the effective position of the work whether they are acceptable or can they be rectified

i) Sampling – If the volumes are high, select a few of them and inspect them to see whether the entire batch is acceptable

2) Analyze – Use the data on measures to perform analysis.

Tools can be used:

a) Cause and effect diagrams – also called Fishbone Diagrams.

b) Failure mode and effect analysis FMEA

c) Root cause analysis

d) Reliability Analysis

3) Improve – Measures to remove the defects found earlier are implemented for improving the process

4) Standardize – When improvements have become consistent, the methods adopted are standardized.


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