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Sunday, January 17, 2010

This question is, “Explain the Concept of Concurrency in High Technology Development.” This is an assignment question of Sikkim Manipal University MBA MB0033. It is a solved assignment of SMU MBA question. We already have discussed about Deming’s Philosophy relevant to project management and characteristics of project. Now, you will get the answer of – “Concept of Concurrency in High Technology Development”.

As the application of technology has become critical for the survival of organization it has become imperative for organizations to initiate measures for the development of high technology to be ahead of competition. No doubt, there are many specialized research and development firms which offer their expertise to their client’s problems. However, their services are available to the competitors and many technologies developed by the company’s own research personnel cannot be shared with outsiders. So the strategy would be utilize the services of external resource to the extent they are suitable for out purpose, but with a strong base of R and D of our own. This will really differentiate the best. The following give some guidelines in the form of rules which help organization to be strong in this area.

Build concurrency into every activity:

Building concurrency into every activity is essential to reduce the development cycle time and to counter the technology obsolescence. Many of the tasks that are normally done in a serial fashion can be done in parallel by synchronizing the flow of information. The practices of the concurrent engineering where the design of the product and all its associated processes are carried out simultaneously based on team work and participation. Would not only help in reducing the development cycle time, but also improves the product functionality with regard to requirements. Concurrency can be accomplished in many ways both for product development as well as technology transfer, user evaluation and production.


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