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Sunday, February 7, 2010

The question of MB0033 assignment of SMU MBA is – “Explain the structure of the documentation systems as required by supply chain monitoring. What is the significance of documentation? How does it help a manager?”

The intent of this document is to define the structure of the documentation system, its content, and the method generation and to attain common documentation of all standard process of Odette. The documentation is valid for the SCM-group of Odette. The Documentation system is internet based to provide immediate access to current, up-to-date process documentation. The system allows users to manage through graphical structures to relevant documentation and process which were created with the ARIS – Tousled.

The process pro document action system serves the following objectives:

1) Present standard process to be adhered to across the industry, and in so doing secure their correct application.

2) Offer a central location of all process and system related information – from customizing documentation to working guidelines.

3) Allow flexible and quick adaptation in case of process changes or enhancement and provide the update information immediately.

4) Present the standard process in the intranet, where users can look up the current process whenever necessary.

5) Availability at every working location.

Defining the process documentation system the content of the process documentation system includes the area supply chain management from the Odette supply chain management group. The system includes graphical process documentation, in the form of process chains, as well as the entire range of documentation related information is attached to each documentation level, where it can be in the form of a single documentation or a link to further documentations or other process chains.

The process Documentation System gives, according to its objectives, an overview and a detailed view of the relevant process for SCMo. The process gives the information as to which activities are dome and by whom, when the activities are done and which systems and information support those activities. Easy system operation is achieved though the use of top-down navigation and the availability of a search index.


LakshmiBhaskar Reddy & Ranjit Rajan said...

Still it must have briefed clealy with diagrams...

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