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Saturday, November 6, 2010

This is the solved assignment of SMU MBA for Strategic Management & Business Policy. The question is – “Explain the main features of a Business Plan for a Company with production and marketing operations.” You can view implementation of the strategy by CEO of a company.

There are some examples of a business plan for a company with production and marketing operations:

Revenue Generation:

Your organization may hope to create a business that will generate sufficient net income or profit to finance other programs, activities or services provided by your organization.

Employment Creation:

A new business venture may create job opportunities for community residents or the constituency served by your organization.

Neighborhood Development Strategy:

A new business venture might serve as an anchor to a deteriorating neighborhood commercial area, attract additional business to the area and fill a gap in existing retail services.

Establish Goals:

Once you have identified goals for a new business venture, the next step in the business planning process is to identify and select the right business. Many organizations may find themselves starting at this point in the process. Business opportunities may have been dropped at your doorstep.

Local Market Study:

Whether your goal is to revitalize or fill space in a neighborhood commercial district or to rehabilitate vacant housing stock, you should conduct a local market study. A good market study will measure the level of existing goods and services provided in the area, and assess the capacity of the area to support existing and additional commercial or home-ownership activity.

Analysis of Local and Regional Industry Trends:

Another method of investigating potential business opportunities is to research local and regional business and industry trends. You may be able to identify which business or industrial sectors are growing or declining in your city, metropolitan area or region.

Internal Capacity:

The board, staff or membership of your organization may possess knowledge and skills in a particular business sector or industry.

Identify Business Opportunities:

You will also need to assess the customer or client base and determine whether its members will remain loyal to the business after it changes hands.


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