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Saturday, November 6, 2010

It is the solved assignment of – “What are the three types of capital needed for a start-up Company?” I have already shared some SMU MBA assignments from Strategic Management & Business Policy (MB0036) for you such as features of a Business Plan for a Company, 4 Main Areas of Strategic Alliances and implementation of the strategy by CEO of a company.

Financial feasibility of your planned venture provides several financial reports and statements to document why your business will be a viable enterprise and a sound investment. There are three types of capital needed for a start-up company:

Start-up Budget:

Describe the initial expenses you will incur to get your business sup and running. Some items you might include in your start-up budget research and product design and development expenses, legal incorporation and licensing expenses, facility purchase or rental, equipment and vehicle purchase or rental, and initial material or supply purchase. You can use Worksheet B as a sample format for preparing your start-up budget.

Cash Flow Projection:

This statement presents a month-to-month schedule of the estimated cash inflows and outflows of your business for the first year. This schedule should indicate how much money your business will have or need and when you will need it. You should describe your sources of income and capital detailing your projected sales revenues and indicating your own or investor equity contribution, lenders, investors and other sources of capital. Itemize your projected expenses, distinguishing between the costs of goods sold, overhead expenses.

Income Statement:

Prepare of multiyear statement projected revenues, expenses, capital expenditures and cost of goods sold. If you make assumptions about the growth of your business, provide supporting documentation such as growth patterns of similar companies or studies that forecast an industry-wide growth rate. This statement should indicate to the reader of potential of your business to generate cash and its profitability over time. For an existing business, also submit an income statement to determine whether your business can support the additional debt you are requesting.


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