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Thursday, April 28, 2011

It is the solved assignment of “Discuss the methods of shaping behavior in detail.” It is an assignment question of SMU MBA MB0038. You can read other assignments also - a note on the managerial roles and skills and Buffered Input Stream and Buffered Output Stream.

Organizational behavior is not a discipline in the usual sense of the term but rather an eclectic field of study that integrates the behavioral sciences into the study of human behavior within organizations. Organizational behavior is a young field of inquiry, in terms of the use of scientific techniques. To learn that the study of human behavior in Organizations is not an exact science is in itself a significant realization. One of the failings of the scientific management movement was its belief that human behavior was easily predicted. So, while the field of Organizational behavior may be inexact, it is realistic.

Organizational behavior is neither a purely scientific area of inquiry nor a strictly intellectual endeavor. It involves the study of abstract ideas, such as valance and expectancy in motivation, as well as the study of concrete matters, such as observable behaviors and physiological symptoms of distress at work. Therefore learning about Organizational behavior is a multidimensional activity.

The study of Organizational behavior requires skill development and the mastery of abilities essential to successful functioning in Organizations.

Many of these skills, such as decision making and information management, are directly related to the study of Organizational behavior. Developing skills is different from acquiring objective knowledge because it requires structured practice and feedback.

Objective knowledge and skill development in order to apply both are appropriately in specific organizational settings. The internal and external perspectives offer alternative examinations for human behavior.


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