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Friday, May 6, 2011

You need to “explain the classification of personality types given by Myers –Briggs” for SMU MBA MB0038 assignment. We already have discussed about methods of shaping behavior and a note on the managerial roles from MB0038.

Mayers-Briggs developed the Mayers-Briggs type indicator, a commercially available questionnaire, which is widely used in business and training, etc. and which provides information and exercises for better understanding one’s own personality type and others with who the individual interacts and works.

Keirsey has renamed and re-conceptualized the Jungian types, but they relate very closely to the Jungian types. Keirsey refers to “temperaments” rather than personality.

Underlying all these typologies are four personality traits (functions):

1. Extroversion (E) --- Introversion (l)

Do you recharge your energy via external contact & activity (Extroversion) or spending time in your inner space (Introversion)?

2. Intuition (N) – Sensing (S)

Do you rely on your inner voice (Intuition) or observation (Sensing)?

3. Thinking (T) – Feeling (F)

When making decisions, what do you rely most on? Your thoughts or your fellings?

4. Judgment (J) – Perception (P)

Do you tend to set schedules and organize your life (Judgment), or do you tend to leave the options open and see what happens (Perception)?

Using the letters above, it is possible to have a unique 4 letter code to indicate each of the 16 Jungian personality types, e.g., I am an INTJ.


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