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Sunday, December 6, 2009

This is the Management Information Systems MBA assignment for MB0031 of SMU. The question is related to “Explain the decision support systems in detail. Consider the example of a computerized restaurant to illustrate your answer.” We already have explained about Value Chain in MIS and Classification of Information.

Business decisions are those, which are made in the process of conducting business to achieve its objectives in a given environment. In concept, whether we are looking about business decision or any other decision, we assume that the decision-maker is a rational person.

The major characteristics of the business decision-making are:

a) Sequential in nature.
b) Exceedingly complex due to risks and trade offs.
c) Influenced by personal values
d) Made in institutional settings and business environment.

The business decision-making is sequential in nature. In business, the decision is not isolated events. Each of them has a relation to same other decision or situation. The decision may appear as “snap” decision but it is made only after a long chain of developments and a series of related earlier decisions.

The decision-making process is a complex process in the higher hierarchy of management. The complexity is the result of many factors, such as the inter-relationship among the experts or decision-makers, a job responsibility, a question of feasibility, the codes of morals and ethics, and probable impact and business.

The personal values of the decision-maker play a major role in decision-making. A decision otherwise being very sound on the business principle and economic rationality may be rejected on the basis of the personal values, which are defeated if such a decision is implemented. The culture, the discipline and the individual’s commitment to goals will decide the progress and success of the decision.

Whatever may be situation, if are analyses the factors under laying the decision-making process, it would be observed that there are common characteristics in each of them. There is a definite method of arriving at a decision; and it can be put in the form of decision process mode.

The decision-making process required creativity, imagination and a deep understanding of human behaviour. The process covers number of tangible and intangible factors affecting the decision-making process. It also requires a foresight to predict the post-decision implications and a willingness to face those implications. All decision solves a ‘problem’ but over a period of time they give rise to a number of other ‘problems’.


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