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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Get solved assignment of Management Information Systems for MB0031 of SMU. The question is related to “Write in detail the background about strategic information systems. How is it helpful to a manager? Give relevant examples.” We already have explained about Value Chain in MIS, Classification of Information and Decision Support Systems.

The growth of information system and technology during the last 2 decades has been phenomenal. During this growth, many branches evolved in the information science. One such branch is strategic IS. It is mainly concerned with providing and organization and its members an assistance to perform the routine tasks effectively. One of the major issue before any, organization is the challenge of meeting its goals and objectives. Strategic IS enabling such organization in realizing their goals. Strategic Information System (SIS) is a support to the existing system and helps in achieving a competitive advantage over the organization competitors in terms of is objectives.

This unit deals with critical aspects of the strategic information system. This unit indicates the theoretical concepts and the way in which the same are realized in practice. The flow of the unit is in such a way that it starts which the development of contemporary theory about strategic uses of corporations internal information systems leading to systems which transcend the boundaries of particular organizations. The process whereby strategic information systems are created or identified is then examined.

A number of weaknesses in the existing body of theory are identified, and suggestions made as to directions in which knowledge is or may be progressing. Strategic information systems are concerned with systems which contribute significantly to the achievement of an organization’s overall objectives. The body of knowledge is of recent origin and highly dynamic and the area have an aura of excitement about it. The emergency of the key idea, the process whereby strategic information systems come into being is assessed, areas of weakness are identified and directions of current and future development suggested.

Information system is regarded as a tool to provide various services to different management functions. The tools have been developing year by year and different management application of the tool has become more and more diverse. In management it is now a very power means to manage and control various activities and decision making process. The original idea of automating mechanical process got quickly succeeded by the rationalization and integration of systems. In both of these forms, IS was regarded primarily as an operational support tool, and secondarily as a service to management. Subsequent to the development, it was during the last few years that an additional potential was discovered.

It was found that, in some cases, information technology (IT) had been critical to the implementation of an organisation’s strategy. An organisation’s strategy supported by information system fulfilling its business objectives came to be known as strategic information system. The strategic information system consists of functions that involved gathering. Maintenance and analysis of data is concerned with internal resources and intelligence about competitors, suppliers, customers’ government and other relevant organizations.


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