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Sunday, February 21, 2010

The question has been taken from Project Management of MB0033 assignment of SMU MBA. The question is – “What are the main considerations in planning P2M? Give relevant examples.” There are already many assignments in this category - Deming’s philosophy relevant to Project Management, How can risks be prioritized in a Project Management and Introduction to ScMo Supply Chain Monitoring.

Some of the considerations for effective program management are given below:

Focusing on the various strategic initiatives taken up for multiple projects and the issues related to benefits and risks.

Bringing about the attention of management to a defined set of benefits, which are understood immediately, which are understood immediately, which are managed thought the implementation and at completion.

Helping to management to set priorities, choosing options and allocate resources.

Setting up mechanisms to measure and ensure that the projects making contributions for realizing expected business benefits.

Leading the organization on the path of ‘where it’ and ‘where it wants to be’. Ensuring that the effects of the programme driven changes are coordinated, the transitions are successfully managed. The operations are effective and efficient.

The objective sought to be achieved and the methods which are adopted and the activities that are going to be undertaken i.e. the process include the following steps.

Preparing and maintaining a set of activities and the workflow that is to be followed and identifying business areas responsible for different stage in the above:

The marketing sure that the priorities that the above generate are relevant and the projects are run on the basis of their impact on the business in a whole:

The Process has to incorporate all the important aspects which are to be addressed during implementation and management of the projects. It is important to identify all factors and incorporate resources – men, material, technology and time, so that their provision can be planned.


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