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Saturday, November 6, 2010

This is the solved assignment of – “You are the Marketing Head of a multi product marketing company for consumer goods in South India. Explain the method and elements of a Sales projection for the following budget year.” The solved MBA assignment question is written for Sikkim Manipal University (SMU) MB0036 of Strategic Management & Business Policy. There are already some assignments of MB0036 such as main features of a Business Plan for a Company and types of capital needed for a start-up Company.

Present an estimate of how many people you expect will purchase your product or service. Your estimate should be based on the size of your market, the characteristics of your customers and the share of the market you will gain over your competition. Project how many unites you will sell at a specified price over several years. The initial year should be broken down in monthly or quarterly increments. Account for initial presentation and market penetration of your product and any seasonal variations in sales, if appropriate.

Describe the amount and types of financing you are seeking for your business. Are you looking for debt from a lender or equity from an investor? Refer to you start up budget and cash flow statement presented earlier. Discuss how and when you will draw on these funds and how they will affect the bottom line. Also describe any commitments or investments that you may have already secured.

If you are seeking investors, such as venture capitalists, describe what they will receive in return for their capital. What are the repayment period and the expected return on investment? Also discuss the nature of their ownership share and how it may change with future investments. Equity investors are looking for rates of return higher than rates offered by banks or other business lenders. The level of risk in your business and industry will help to determine the actual market rate, as will the availability of equity dollars.

Be prepared to negotiate. And make sure you research the investment market carefully; several socially minded investment pools exist and more are in development.


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