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Friday, August 26, 2011

“Write a note on Stocks and Ratios theory.” It is the solved assignment of MB0042 (Managerial Economics) for SMU MBA. There are some other solved assignments for MB0042 - Law of Variable Proportion, Elasticity of Demand and Equilibrium and Disequilibrium.

Stock is always measured at a given point of time and flow is measured over a given period of time. Macro Stock Variables are inventory, capital stock, wealth, debits etc. Macro flow variables are National Income and output, consumption, investment etc.

Both stock and flow are expressed in money units. Stock may be expressed as just rupee but flows are expressed as rupees per month, rupees per year or in any time unit. The distinction between the stock and flow can be cleared with an example. Total money supply is stock but change in money supply is flow.

There are various macroeconomic ratios, which are commonly used in management decision making. Consumption-income ratio shows the relationship between income and consumption. Saving-income ratio is obtained by subtracting consumption from income. Capital-output ratio shows the number of units of capital required for each unit of output produced.

Capital-labour ratio indicates factors proportion, the combination of labour and capital in the production process. Output-labour ratio shows the labour productivity. Index number is a statistical device which shows changes of a variable over a period of time. The value of money can be measured by means of Price Index number, in this there are two price indices consumer’s price index number and wholesale price index.

Index numbers are used in measuring the change in the value of money, changes in wages, and it is also useful for planners to design the policies. Stocks deals ratios and ratios is compatible with stocks. Both are quite compatible with each other to show the basic understanding about managerial economics.


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