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Sunday, December 20, 2009

It is a solved assignment of MIS for MB0031 of SMU MBA. The question is related to “What is the significance of quality in planning and development of MIS for an organization?” We already have explained about SIS for a Manager, Value Chain in MIS, Classification of Information and Decision Support Systems. Now, I am going to share an assignment about “Planning of MIS and Development of Management Information Systems.”

Planning of information systems:

Many organizations have purchased computers for data processing and for meeting the statutory requirements of filling the returns and reports to the government. Computers are used mainly for computing and accounting the business transactions and have not been considered as tool for information processing.

The organizations have invested on computers and expanded its use by adding more or bigger computers to take care of the numerous transactions in the business. In this approach, the information processing function of the computers in the organization never got its due regard as an important asset to the organization. In fact, this function is misinterpreted as data processing for expeditious generation of reports and returns, and not as information processing for management action and decisions.

However, the scene has been changing since late eighties when the computers become more versatile, in the function of storage, communication, intelligence and language. The computer technology is so advanced that the barriers of storage, distance understanding of language and speed are broken.

In short, we need a management information system flexible enough to deal with the changing information needs of the organization. It should be conceived as an open system continuously interacting with the business environment with a built-in mechanism to provide the desired information as per the new requirements of the management. The designing as such in open system is a complex task. It can be achieved only if the MIS is planned, keeping in view, the plan of the business management of the organization.

Development of information systems:

Once the plan of MIS is made, the development of the MIS calls for determining for the strategy of development. As discussed earlier, the plan consists of various systems and sub systems. The development strategy determines where to begin and what sequence the development can take place with the sole objective of assuring the information support.

The choice of the system or the sub-system depends on its position in the total MIS plan, the size of the system, the user understands of the systems and the complexity and its interface with other systems. The designer first develops systems independently and starts integrating them with other systems, enlarging the system scope and meeting the varying information needs.

Determining the position of the position of the system in the MIS is easy. The real problem is the degree of structure, and formalization in the system and procedures which determine the timing and duration of development of the system.


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