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Sunday, December 27, 2009

The question is related to “Explain the challenges before an e-business management.” The question is also related to MBA Assignments of Sikkim Manipal University. You already have gotten Development of MIS for an Organization, Value Chain in MIS, Classification of Information and Decision Support Systems assignment questions of SMU MBA. Now, I have decided to share an assignment about “Explain the challenges before an e-business management.”

The scope of E-business is limited to executing core business process of the organization. The process would have external interface life suppliers, customers, contractors, consultants and so on. The core business process of the organization is procurement, manufacturing, selling, distribution, delivery and accounting. These core process are best run by application packages like enterprise definition is made wider including customer, suppliers and distributors, application package like supply chain management (SCM) is best suited for planning and execution of entire business process.

In addition to these core business process, organizations use internet enabled systems and other technologies to handle these process more effectively. Transaction processing workflow, work group and process control applications are the backend support systems to main ERP/SCM enterprise management systems.

E-business systems scope manages cross-functional application systems as a single business process. It integrates cross functions seamlessly, automates the tasks, and updates the information is real time the ERP/SCM and now customer Relations management system (CRM) is a family of software solution packages dedicated to care management of functions of business. They are supported by front-end and back-end systems and applications designed for transaction processing. Work flow management, work group processing and automated process control, E-business systems use client/server architecture and run an internet platform. E-business systems lay foundation for other Enterprise applications, namely E-commerce, E-communications, and E-collaboration.

In Accounting and finance system, IT application is very strong. E-business applications in this area are capable of accounting every business entity such as material, men, machines, cash, customer, vendor and so on, all process which deal with transaction, computing, accounting and analysis are automated using system intelligence and knowledge driver intelligent systems.


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