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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The question is the part of Project Management of MB0033 assignment of SMU MBA. It is – “What is meant by baseline? How is it reviewed?” You already have gotten many assignments in this category such as - Deming’s philosophy relevant to Project Management, How can risks be prioritized in a Project Management, Main Considerations in Planning P2M, significance of reviewing ROI and Introduction to ScMo Supply Chain Monitoring. Now, you will get a new assignment about “What is meant by baseline? How is it reviewed?”

The Baseline created can be used to compare the original project plan with actual events and achievements. This will display the days required for each task and project phase. For actual operating instruction phase refer the Microsoft project user handbook.

After creating a baseline, if the project has begun, it is necessary to enter actual dates that tasks are being completed and the resource utilization used to complete them. Again review different views and the cost and summary tables before proceeding to the next section. Return to the entry view of the Gantt chart before proceeding.

At times people and equipment can become assigned more work then they can complete in normal working hours. This is called over allocation. Project can test for this condition and reschedule (or level) their workload to accommodate completing tasks during a normal day.

After a baseline has been established and the project has begun, it is desirable to determine if task are being accomplished on time and/or if cost over runs are occurring.

Project has many different built-in reports and has the capability building custom reports and exporting data to other MS office applications for integration into other reporting venues.


Rajesh Singh said...

MBA spring(2010) 1st sem subject code start with MB0038. then please tell me MB0033 refered to which sem and subject?

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