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Saturday, November 6, 2010

The assignment question is – “A Business Continuity Plan is a Disaster Management Plan. Discuss this statement, explaining how such a plan could be useful for a business affected by recession.” It is a MBA assignment question of Strategic Management & Business Policy. You can see some more solved assignment questions of SMU MBA MB0036 - method and elements of a Sales projection and types of capital needed for a start-up Company.

The Business Continuity Guideline is comprised of two sections: (1) the planning process and (2) successful implementation and maintenance.

It is essential that senior leadership of the organization sponsors and takes responsibility for creating, maintaining, testing, and implementing a comprehensive Business Continuity Plan (BCP). This will insure that management and staff at all levels within the organization understands that the BCP is a critical top management priority.

Such resources can include personnel, technology hardware and software, specialized equipment, general office supplies, facility/office space and critical and vital business records. Identifying, backing-up, and storing critical and vital business records in a safe and accessible location are essential prerequisites for an effective BCP. The Risk Assessment and BIA provide the foundation on which the organization’s BCP will rest, as strategies will be formulated and plans will be developed to meet the needs identified in them.

It is necessary that an appropriate administrative structure be put in place to effectively deal with crisis management. Clear definitions must exist for a management structure, authority for decisions, and responsibility for implementation. An organization should have a Crisis Management Team to lead incident/event response. The Team should be comprised of such functions as human resource, information technology, facilities, security, legal, communications/media relations, manufacturing, warehousing and other business critical support functions, with all under the clear direction of senior management or its representatives.

The Crisis Management Team may be supported by as many Response Teams as appropriate taking into account such factors as organization size and type, number of employees, location, etc. Response Teams should develop Response Plans to address various aspects of potential crises, such as damage assessment, site restoration, payroll, human resources, information technology, and administrative support, Response Plans should be consistent with and included within the overall BCP. Individuals should be recruited for membership on Response Teams based upon their skills, level of commitment, and vested interest.


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