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Monday, September 26, 2011

“Explain the various techniques and methods used in selecting employees.” It is the solved SMU MBA assignment of MB0043 (Human Resource Management). You can take a look of phases of evolution of human resource management and stocks and ratios also.

The hiring procedures are therefore, generally long and complicated. Many employers make use of such techniques and pseudo-sciences while coming to hiring decisions. There are some popular procedures to suit individual situation:

  1. Initial or preliminary interview
  2. Application blank or blanks
  3. Check of references
  4. Psychological tests
  5. Employment interview
  6. Approval by the supervisor
  7. Physical examination
  8. Induction or orientation

Preliminary Interview:

The more non-selective the recruitment programme, the more likely it is that a preliminary interview will be required. This initial interview is usually quite short and has its object the elimination of the obviously unqualified.

Application Blank:

An application blank is a traditional, widely accepted device for getting information from a prospective applicant which will enable a management to make a paper selection. The blank provides preliminary as well as aid in the interview by indicating areas of interest and decision.

Check of References:

The use of references is common in most selection procedures, for it involves only a little time and money, and minimum of effort. The procedure places reliance on the evaluation of former employers, friends and professional personal, checks on references are made by mail or telephone, and occasionally in person, or by using a reference form.

Psychological Tests:

The next step in the procedures outlined above is that of testing. If all organizations, large and small, are considered, it is apparent that most are not using psychological tests.


Interviewing is probably the most widely used single method of selection. A substantial amount of subjectivity, and there, unreliability, is to be expected from interviewing when used as a tool of evaluation.

Physical Examination:

The physical examination is an employment step found in most businessmen can vary from a very comprehensive examination and matching of an applicant’s physical capabilities to job requirements to a simple check or general physical appearance and well-being.


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